VLM 2014

The Virgin London Marathon 2014 will be held on April 13 which may seem a long way away.  However the online public ballot for that race opens on Monday (April 29, 2013).  The organisers have not yet announced exactly what time the ballot opens.  However their website currently says that they will accept 125,000 entries into the ballot and then it will close; last year the ballot closed in 17 hours.

In late May the organisers will announce details of the good for age application system.  They have indicated that changes will be made to the qualifying times and conditions so some of you who think you have a qualifying time may be disappointed.  Therefore apply in Monday’s ballot just in case you get rejected from good for age.

The club should be granted some club guaranteed places.  The club will hold its own ballots in December for those places.  Of course there are a number of conditions to entry into the club ballot.  The most important condition (at the moment) is you must produce an original rejection letter from the organisers in respect of Monday’s on-line ballot, no other form of evidence will be considered.

So now it’s down to you if you want to get into VLM 2014 you need to be up early on Monday and close to some form of internet enabled device and get into that initial ballot.  Good luck.

Cheers, Al