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Next Track Session

All members are encouraged to take part in our track training sessions. Obviously some members will be moving around the track faster than others so do pay attention to those around you. In particular when you are in recovery mode, moving slowly or indeed walking please do so in lanes 3 to 6 leaving lanes 1 and 2 for those moving at speed. For safety reasons headphones are prohibited.

26 Oct 2016
Aerobic efforts / Yassos group C


Wednesday Night Road Run

Liz Clarke will be leading tonights road run at 11mm pace.

It will leave from track after notifications as usual.


Monday Night Groups

Monday Night Groups

Run/Walk - Linda Rayman

 12mm - Andy Pitts

 11mm -Kayleigh Gardner

 10mm - Alan Bent

 9mm - Kendra Hall

 8.30mm - Helen Johnson

 7.30mm - Jonathon Errington

Don't forget your hi viz.



Wednesday Night Road Run

Andy Pitts  (LiRF)will be leading Wednesday nights road run.

It'll be an hour at 11mm pace.


The Latest Championship standings

The Club Championship Standings

2016 Championship Championship Standings after 10 races

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Wednesday night road run

Naomi Aitken will be leading tonights road run, it will be about 11mm pace although will be adjusted to suit the group.


Monday Night Groups

Monday Night Groups


Run/Walk - Linda Rayman

12/13mm - Andy Pitts

11mm - tba

10mm - Alan Bent or Alexandra Perrior

9mm - Deena Robinson

8.30mm - Mike Sankey

7.30mm - Jonathon Errington 

A rather inspirational and very brave young lady

I invite you all to spend a few minutes reading this blog which is written by one of our members Sinead Mowatt.

Shes rather inspirational and very brave and strong - as well as being a pretty frickin awesome runner!


Will be rooting for her in London next year!


Mme Sec Eye-wink

The 401st Marathon – VIRTUAL CHALLENGE

Hey all

So I have been trying to think of a suitable 10k route for
us to use as a social run on the 8th October for a virtual 401st
that isn’t constricted by differing paces and have come up with the following

Do Bracknell parkrun as normal at 9am, have a break for cake
and coffee (in true Ben Smith style) and then repeat the three lap course after
the official parkrun is over.

This will mean that it doesn’t matter what your pace is we
can still all do it together J

It’s not officially linked to parkrun and it’s purely a
social run but I wanted to offer club members and their friends and families
the opportunity to ‘Run with Ben’ for the 401st marathon. I’ll take
some pictures and send them to Ben and the 401 team (I have invited Ben to join
us but I’m thinking he might fancy his first Saturday off running for over a

In usual parkrun style you can run, walk, jog, crawl, push a
buggy, bring a dog, wear fancy dress whatever you like. All you have to do if
you want to get the 401st marathon bling is to register for the
virtual event with etchrock and then log your run on the site afterwards – your
medal and goodie bag will then come in the post!

See below the link to the etchrock site to register for the
virtual challenge


Anyone can register to run the virtual challenge  – adults, children even dogs!  and everyone who registers and completes
either 10k, half marathon or full marathon between 2nd and 9th
October will get a medal

Regsitration costs £26.20 and all profits go straight to
Stonewall and Kidscape

So there’s three things you need to do:

1: Register

2: Turn up on the day (bring cake!)

3: Log your run and get your medal

Excited to get together with everyone and celebrate Ben’s
awesome achievement



Mme Sec  ;-)

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