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Next Track Session

All members are encouraged to take part in our track training sessions. Obviously some members will be moving around the track faster than others so do pay attention to those around you. In particular when you are in recovery mode, moving slowly or indeed walking please do so in lanes 3 to 6 leaving lanes 1 and 2 for those moving at speed. For safety reasons headphones are prohibited.

27 Jul 2016
100/100/200 Relays


Monday Night Groups

Tonights groups:

Run/walk Alan Faubel
12-13mm Andy Pitts
11mm Robin Briscoe
10mm to be decided on the night,
9mm Deena Robinson
8.30mm Mike Sankey
7.30mm Jonathon Errington

That is a comprehensive set of groups, so can you please help me and Mike out by arriving in plenty of time and finding your group leader.


Also, finding leaders for this number of groups is a challenge, especially at this time of year, so if you are able to help in the future please let me know.


Thank you to everyone leading a group tonight.


Have fun.


All Aboard the 401 Train!!

Afternoon all and Happy Friday!

Some of us run for cake, some for wine, some for crisps,
some for beer, some for fitness, some for sanity and some even claim to
actually ENJOY it!

There are some people who run for other reasons.

I want to take this opportunity to give you all a little bit
of info about the 401 Challenge which concludes in October this year - if you haven’t
already heard about it then you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere
for the past 11 months!!

Ben Smith is undertaking to run 401 marathons in 401 days – initially
the challenge was 401 consecutive marathons in 401 days but an umbilical hernia
and significant back injury forced Ben to take a 1 week break from running and
adjust his goals slightly – this means that for the remainder of the challenge
he has to run an ULTRA MARATHON every day!

I strongly urge you to read about the challenge that Ben set
himself and the reasons why he is doing it – he is a truly inspirational man
and would also like to let you know that you can be involved!


We were priviledged as a club to host Ben for Marathon
number 62 way back in November last year – a great route planned in advance and
navigated on the day by Chris Hine I might add – and he returns to the local
area on Friday 23rd September to run with Reading Road Runners on a
route that is yet to be announced.

I appreciate that this is a work day for most people and you
may have other things that you wish to do with your annual leave but if you
would like the opportunity to be involved, this is the easiest one to get to! You
don’t have to run the full route by any means – last time out I did 8 miles and
we had club members join in for everything from 1 mile to the full 26.2. I am
awaiting further info from RRR regarding the start and finish points and the
route itself and will pass it on as soon as I have it.

The final marathon – number 401 – takes place on Wednesday 5th
October and I know that there are several BFR members (including myself) who plan
to run at least part of the route with Ben on that day – again I will keep you
updated as and when I have further info.

Finally Warrington running club have set up a ‘petition’ to
the BBC to show support for him to be nominated for the ‘Special achievement award’
at the BBC sports personality of the year award. If you believe this to be a
fitting tribute to Ben’s dedication to charity whilst simultaneously breaking a
world record for consecutive marathons the you can add your name to the campaign



Have a great weekend running all - no matter what your reasons for doing it Smiling


Mme Sec Eye-wink

PS: Stay Hydrated kids!

Latest championship race standings

Hello everybody please click the link to see how you are doing in the current Championship

The Club Championship Standings

2016 Championship Championship Standings after 5 races


Monday Night Groups

Run / Walk - Linda

!2-13mm - To be decided on night, if anyone is available to lead this group please contact me via the vice chair email.

11mm - Helen Coloclough

10mm - To be decided on night.

8.30mm - Jon Errington.

In addition there maybe a 9mm group dependant on numbers, the leader for this group will also be decided on the night.

We are always short on leaders at this time of year as people are away on holiday, if we are unable to find a anyone on the night we will combine 2 groups. Also if you are able to lead a group in the future please contact me via the Vice Chair email.



Afternoon BFR’s!

It’s nearly the weekend so just a quick reminder of club runs and events that are happening:

Tonight 6pm Club run from the Lookout – usually goes out around 9mm pace meet in the car park

Also tonight Pub of the Month from 8:30pm at The Old Manor in Bracknell so plenty of time to do an hour run then get home, showered and changed ready to be there at 8:30pm Eye-wink

Sunday Club run from the Lookout - meet at 9:20am in the car park to be split into a variety of pace groups depending on who is there for about an hour run – as always PLEASE make sure you run with the appropriate pace group for you and PLEASE look out for each other whilst running so no one gets lost if left behind!

Sunday also sees a few of us from the club taking on the New Forest 10 – a 10 mile race on roads and track in the New Forest funnily enough! They DO NOT take entries on the day so if you haven’t already entered unfortunately you are too late ? Good Luck to all those taking part – hope youa re all raving about the race and how much you enjoyed it come Sunday afternoon!

Monday Club runs will meet as normal in the car park b the all-weather pitches – please try to arrive by 6:40pm so that you have time to find the right pace group and run leader for you!

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are running this weekend I hope you have a fabulous one!

Run Strong and Run Happy!


Mme Sec Eye-wink

PS Remember NO TRACK NEXT WEDNESDAY meet at 6:45pm at Broadmoor Car park for a Hash run in Crowthorne woods

Road Run and Track Wednesday 6th July

The 11 minute mile road run will be lead by Martin Reilly this week - meet at track for warm up lap and announcements at 6:45pm before going out on the road for aproximately an hours run.

Deena is leading the track session this week which is all about Lactic threshold - there will be a dynamic warm up followed by the session:

30 minute session of 14 x 1 minute effort / 1 minute jog with a warm up and cool down minute at either end.

The session will finish with group stretching.

If you haven't done a track session before please come along and give it a go - it truly is for all abilities and is really inclusive, everyone just runs for 30 minutes at their own pace for this one - track is a really sociable place as everyone has a chat before and after the set and during the warm up and cool downs - come along and meet some of your fellow BFR's Smiling

If you are at all nervous about coming along please drop me an email so I can look out for you and we can arrange to buddy you up with someone of a similar pace so you have some to stick with if you are unsure.

Hope to see you tomorrow


Mme Sec Eye-wink


Have had a couple of emails through regarding some local races in the next couple of weeks that are being put on by other clubs from the TVXC league so I promised to let you all know:

Sunday 3rd July is Tadley 10k - there's also a 3k fun run, put on by Tadley Runners


Sunday 10th July is Wycombe Half Marathon and 10k, put on by Handy Cross Runners


Saturday 23rd July is Windsor great park dash 10k, put on by Datchet Dashers - THIS IS A CHAMPIONSHIP RACE!!!!


Three local races that all have entries available if you fancy going for some bling and glory!

I'm doing the Windsor Great Park Dash :-) 

Have a nice evening

Mme Sec Eye-wink

Wednesday night run

Adrian Luscombe will be leading this weeks Wednesday night run for those not participating in the track session. It will departing from track after the notifications at about 6.45.

It will be an hours run at between 11 & 12 mm pace, dependant on the group.





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